The Journals of (imagined) Identity

Plaster cast of a child’s precious object
Plaster cast of a child’s precious object
Memories of way to school
Memories of way to school
Painting of a precious object

The Journals of (imagined) Identity

Summer 2012, Southwold Primary School, Hackney, London

Artist in residence: Nienke van Wijk

The Year 6 children involved in this project created work around leaving primary school and their memories of this time as well as project and shape ideas of their future. 

The project took the children across six interlinking areas of interest towards generating material for the final exhibition, for the pupils to take away with them, and for the school to retain as an ‘intriguing’ memory of their presence there. 

The parts were

‘Fossils’: plaster casts

‘A Trace left in Space’: a physical imprint in the location of their favourite activity at school

‘Woven in Time’: a self-portrait reduced to three lines stitched onto white pillowcases

‘Eyes are the Windows to the Soul’: a film featuring only the children’s pupils

‘Palmistry’: the students chose three lines on their palms and re-created their significance and meaning

‘Growth’: each child wrote a sentence about their favourite memory at school along the growth rings of a tree trunk

‘Journals’: an imagined step towards their journey in designing their future