The Bee Museum

Have the Bees been told? Sculpture based on Slovenian Bees House

Bee Museum - Images of Bee Waggledance and Student Drawings


The Bee Museum

Summer 2013, Hanover Primary School, Islington, London

Artists in Residence: Sophia Marinkov Jones and Amy Pliszka

A Year 5 class worked for three weeks on the theme of ‘The Bee Museum’. In keeping with RIVA's core aims the project has revolved around environmental concerns. We wanted to both celebrate the bee and understand the present plight of the bee. We also wanted to show human's dependence on the bee and our long history of involvement with them.

The children underwent an extensive experience whereby they learnt about bees through play, taste, sound, movement, mythology, direct contact, scientific facts, film, and art. 

All the elements fed into each other and culminated in collective and personal artwork.

Individual cells with precious objects
Individual cells with precious objects
Ink drawing of flower
Ink drawing of flower