Angels – Messengers

Guardian Angels
Guardian Angels in The Old Church, Stoke Newington Painting by a Year 5 child


Spring 2014, Hanover Primary School, Islington, London

The year 5 class learned about angels in different religions and about their role as messengers, guardian spirits and protectors. The work was very much influenced by the beautiful space and architectural features of The Old Church, Stoke Newington: every child visited the church and worked there .In addition to visual art, children worked with a choreographer to create a dance, others studied a song by B. Britten with a musician and performed and recorded it. The third group made guardian angel installations to protect endangered species.

The children together with Deborah Law and Sophia Jones made a film of the intimate spaces in the church and the angel like presences.

In May 2014 RIVA organised a small workshop to the same theme with children from St Mary’s Primary School, Stoke Newington.

winged seeds installation in church
Winged seeds installation in church
child singing, still from film
Child singing, still from film
faith’ installation in niche in Tudor part of church
Faith’ installation in niche in Tudor part of church