Coral and plastics

Coral and Plastics

Artist Katie surridge will start her project at William Pattern with a 2-day residency where she will develop her own work on shells which she hopes to be displaying later in the year at the shell grotto in Margate. She will be working on costumes and drawings for this exhibition and even bring a mini foundry with her. She will demonstrate to the children , teachers and parents what it is like to be an artist and how they prepare work for exhibitions.

Following this she will spend two weeks with the children building up work surrounding the idea of coral/ plastics. She will be using recycled materials to build mini recycled ecosystems with small cast parts, as well as making sculptural corals which will be used as shadow puppets.

Read about Katie's residency in an extract from William Patten school newsletter.

Metal casts of coral and sea life


Teacher comments:
"Once again, thank you for artist Katie surridge. She is an absolute star and the whole experience has been amazing for everyone involved. A parent talked to me at the gate this morning to let me know how utterly inspired her son has been. He doesn't stop talking about Katie and all of the sessions - especially the casting." Sian Davies, Deputy Headteacher, William Patten school


Children’s comments:

‘Katie really helped me with my drawing and I’m more confident to have a go now.’

‘I looked forward to every day but liked making my mini-world in a bottle best.’

‘Metal casting on the roof garden was exciting.’

‘Everyone had a really good time and enjoyed doing art all morning.’

‘Katie is famous and it was nice to work with a real artist.’

‘Katie is kind and I was sad when she left our school.’

Example of work