RIVA one to one

red grouse and rock colour

Illustration for her children’s book by Sophia Marinkov Jones as artist-in-residence at Hanover Primary School, N1.

Coral fragments with Lily Hawkes.


Over the course of the years that RIVA has been working with primary schools, the artists realised how much inner city children would benefit from a 1:1 relationship. When offering artwork with children in small groups, most of them instantly open up and reveal stories from their backgrounds teaching staff might not be aware of.

With 1:1 artists can over the 6 one hour individual sessions enable a child to make something they want to which might also be very personal.

Children who usually do not shine in the classroom and thus might be ‘difficult’, have the space to develop art abilities. All of a sudden they discover skills they didn’t know they had and are admired for this by their friends. This results in an enormous boost of their confidence which again reflects on their behaviour and performance in the classroom.


Our Lady and St Joseph primary, Hackney

Artist Lily Hawkes is currently completing 1:1 project at Our Lady and St Joseph primary school, where she has also been carrying out a residency and has been making work inspired by the story of St Francis and the wolf. She has been exploring the idea of an agreement between humanity and animals to live harmoniously; she focused on the description of the wolf placing its paw in St Francis’ hand signifying a pact between the two. The students have been looking at endangered animals and considering the human impact on our environment and ecosystems. Upcoming projects at the school will build on this knowledge and incorporate images and narrative surrounding The Garden of Eden.



From January 2019 Lily Hawkes is working on an ongoing 1:1 project at Hanover Primary School. This follows on from two successful previous 1:1 projects with Sophia Jones and Claire Blundell Jones.

In 2015 Artist Sophia Marinkov Jones was engaged in a year long one to one project at Hanover Primary School, Islington, where RIVA has completed several major projects in the past.

During the course of the year she worked with 60 children on a one to one basis. Each child received three one hour sessions, one session per week, supporting them to do their own work.

The children were selected by senior management of the school and their class teachers. The criteria were children who show a particular aptitude in art and / or would benefit from an academic and behaviour aspect.

In the first term she also worked one day per week as an artist in residence in the school foyer, creating illustrations for a children’s book she is writing. This allowed her to interact with parents, staff and children, setting a creative atmosphere for the whole school.

Artist  Claire Blundell Jones carried out a one to one project in the spring and summer term of 2016 working for 6 one hour sessions with a child . She used the rainforest as a starting point.

part of hanging sculpture by child, produced in RIVA one to one session

Part of hanging sculpture by child, produced in RIVA one to one session.


Sophia Marinkov Jones working in her studio in the foyer at Hanover Primary School, N1

Sophia Marinkov Jones working in her studio in the foyer at Hanover Primary School, N1.