Riva review 1

Reviews from Teaching Staff

‘Dear RIVA Artists
Thank you so much for allowing the school to take part in your wonderful project. The process with the children and the quality of work produced was remarkable but most striking was the involvement of the children. They were enthralled in every part of the process and especially with preparing and hosting the final exhibition. It was rewarding to see the involvement of some children who would rarely show their art work or have the confidence to talk about the process discussing it with great pride. They had complete ownership of their work.

The children were delighted to take home their finished pieces of work and I know that they will treasure them.

I am convinced that the intensive timing of this work was crucial to its success and would be delighted to work in this way again. Many thanks yet again.’

Kathryn Kyle, Head Teacher, William Patten Primary School, Hackney

RIVA review 2

‘The children were fully engaged and loved the project. Even those who were not interested in art before were extremely enthusiastic.

They were very proud of what they had achieved and their parents were amazed by it. It was thoroughly captivating and very different from anything that we had presented in the past.’

Amanda Reese, Head Teacher Hanover Primary School, Islington

Riva review 3

‘Dear RIVA Artists, I’m so pleased you came to share your art expertise with us in Year 4 in London Fields.

Without exception every child achieved phenomenal things and enjoyed every moment. Their confidence and motivation were astonishing to see and you gave them so much positivity that their natural creativity shone through. Thank you!’

Miss Wallace, Class Teacher, London Fields Primary School, Hackney

‘Dear RIVA Artists, I am writing to thank you for the fantastic ‘Magic of Numbers’ art project you completed recently at London Fields with the year 4 children. The focus of the project on numbers was great and the children produced some lovely work. It was super to see some of the children so engaged in art and dance – particularly as some of them would normally have been quite nervous and reluctant to perform in public. 

I reviewed the work with Rimu class earlier this week and I was so impressed by how much they had learnt and the detail with which they could describe the different aspects of the project.’

Caroline Brittain, Head of School, London Fields Primary School, Hackney

Riva review 4

‘The staff tell me that they really enjoyed the staff training day. They had lots of fun, and they learned skills which they are looking forward to putting into use in their classes very soon. The structure of the day was very supportive and inclusive and everyone felt able to have a go – irrespective of their artistic skills. It’s a great way of bringing the team together and we discovered that we have some very talented colleagues. We’re all really looking forward to the magic lantern project and everyone will value it more because they now recognise how much work will be needed for it to be completed.‘

Alison Kriel, Head of School, Northwold Primary School, Hackney

Riva review 5

‘The Riva Arts Project has been the most inspirational school based art project we have been involved in.

The fusion of singing, drama and drawing was imaginatively put together.

All the children, regardless of the artistic expression they were involved in, were fully engaged and showed high levels of concentration, effort and had lots of fun.

The children were challenged to harness their energy and creativity into a world of art where the focus was self expression and that valued who they are.

The team of artists were all very professional and sensitive to all the children’s individual needs.

Please come back next year!’

Veronica Benjamin, Year 5 Teacher, Nightingale Primary School, Hackney

Ria review 6

‘The project was amazing. The children were on the whole fully engaged.

The children found the project thought provoking and it was on the whole very suitable Year 6 material.

The professionality of your team was good - the standard of photography, filming and whole production was inspiring.

We really would like to have you in school again.

The final film and presentation was awe inspiring to all class groups and we have enjoyed watching the film in smaller groups since the event.

Many thanks,’

Andrea Maiden, Southwold Primary School, Hackney

Riva review 7

RIVA at Hanover Primary School

Our year 5 children have just had the privilege of working on a 3 week project with RIVA. The project, around the subject of bees, totally engrossed the children who were immersed in knowledge and creative activities. The project was truly cross-curricular with a remarkable range of work produced including creative dance, writing, visual art in a variety of forms and design technology.

The skill of the artists and their ability to bring out the best in the children to produce amazingly high quality results is truly stunning.

We at Hanover have felt extremely lucky to have benefited from the work of RIVA whose artists all show a real commitment to the children and the project work during the residency. They are highly organised and very focused. The children, staff and parents have been delighted by the work in terms of both process and results.’

Amanda Reese, Headteacher, Hanover Primary School