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About RIVA Artists

RIVA will sponsor, organise or administer teaching residencies of visual artists in various environments. The artists will work with specific groups and individuals on art projects. This will include practising artists leading workshops in schools and art galleries. The artists and RIVA will co-operate with the host organisation.  When planning a project, the artists will take into account the specific experiences of those participating and will respect cultural diversity.

The trustees of RIVA will select visual artists whose professional experience, artistic subject matter and working methods are suitable to further RIVA’s aims. RIVA will pay for the artists’ fees and expenses, as previously agreed in contract and in negotiation with the host organisation.

The Residency will run over a set period, during which the participants will create artwork in response to the theme of the Residency. There will be a strong emphasis on the process and the many creative stages of making a piece of art. By working alongside artists, the participants will gain a very particular experience of creativity which can be taken into many other aspects of life.

Riva artists

Participating Artists

-Deborah Law, artist and RIVA director

-Ron Henocq, artist and RIVA trustee

-Lily Hawkes, artist

-Katie Surridge, artist

-Niki Kohandel, artist

-Florence Law-Henocq, artist and curator

-Zoe Benbow, artist

-Gary Stevens, performance artist

-Mira Hirtz, dancer

-Sophia Jones, artist and architect

-Franziska Willers, architect and musician

-Saša Marinkov, artist

-Jenny Webber, artist and wildlife drawing

-Claire Blundell Jones, artist

-Amy Pliszka, artist

-Kerry Stewart, artist

-Katy Pendlebury, dancer and choreographer

-Ester Braga, dancer and choreographer

-Susannah Rickman, dancer and choreographer

-Katina Kangaris, singer

-Nienke Van Wijk, video artist

-Reza Ben Gajra, visual artist, animations